Band application for European Bluegrass Voorthuizen 2019 is open!

With the inaugural European Bluegrass Voorthuizen still fresh in our minds we are already looking forward to the 2019 edition. We hope to meet many of our bluegrass friends again in Voorthuizen, on the 30th and 31st of May and the 1st June, next year!

Again we will have a main program where 18 bands will entertain the visitors on the main stage. Bands can now apply for a spot in the line-up.

A completed application form, four recorded songs that represent the bands stage performance and a band bio must be provided. The application form can be downloaded here.

The application must be sent to our email address. Details can be found in the application form.

Entries must be received before 1st December 2018 (midnight, Central European Time). Applications received on or after 1st December 2018 will not be accepted.

Click here to download the form.


The town of Voorthuizen, in the middle of The Netherlands, has established itself as one of the major capitals of bluegrass music in Europe over the past two decades. And with the demise of EWOB, which has greatly contributed to the growth and development of bluegrass music all across the continent, the call for a new festival was heard from even the farthest corners of Europe.

European Bluegrass Voorthuizen will once again assemble some of Europe’s finest in bluegrass music, to play, jam, interact, learn and, most of all, have fun. They will be sharing our fine music genre with each other and with a much appreciative and knowledgeable audience.

The centre stage of our festival will be the camp site, where friendships are made to last lifetimes and where young and newly starting musicians play with and learn from experienced veterans.

The other stage, in community center ’t Trefpunt, however is not of less importance. Here, in the main program, top bluegrass bands from all over Europe will be playing, as well as an overseas act that will travel to Europe, often from the United States of America.

Visitors will be able to enjoy the music and meet the bands that perform. On the camp site as well as in ’t Trefpunt the jamming can always be joined, so bring your instruments! Catering will be available at the festival, but Voorthuizen also offers a range of restaurants and bars to anyone’s liking. Sometimes with live bluegrass music on their doorstep for you to listen to while enjoying your meal.

For three days Voorthuizen will be the epicenter of bluegrass music again. So come and visit European Bluegrass Voorthuizen for a musical experience you will never forget. Everyone is invited!


The E.B.V. is organised by the Oranjevereniging Voorthuizen, Meetingcentre 't Trefpunt Voorthuizen and Stichting E.W.O.B. Voorthuizen.

Mission Statement

Great Music, Great Friends.