Campsite ticket E.B.V. Picking Party 2019

€ 5,00 per person per night
€ 2,50 use of power outlet per night (limited availability)

Campsite rules

The following rules apply to all visitors of the campsite of European Bluegrass Voorthuizen.

The European Bluegrass Voorthuizen campsite is not a commercial campsite. Visitors can not expect the same standards as would apply to a regular commercial camping. Basic sanitary facilities like toilets, showers and washing basins are available. Also containers to dispose of waste are available on the campsite. Electricity is available to a limited part of the campsite, with power limited to 1.2 kWh. Appliances using more than 1.2 kWh cannot be used. (For more information, see §12). Campsite visitors are not guaranteed use of electricity.

§ 1 Right of access
All visitors have the right to access the campsite between 08:00 and 23:00. Between 23:00 and 08:00 the campsite is only accessible for persons wearing a campsite wristband. Persons without campsite wristband will be required to leave the campsite between 23:00 and 08:00.

§ 2 Arriving and departing
The festival campsite will be opened for campsite guests to arrive from Wednesday 29 May 2019, 14:00. Campsite guests have to depart before Sunday 2nd June 2019, 10:00, when the campsite will be closed.

§ 3 Use of the campsite
Reservations for a certain place on the campsite cannot be made. The EBV-organisation will allocate the campsite placing. Cars are only allowed on the campsite upon arrival and departure, enabling setting up and taking down tents and to place and remove caravans. Creating fire places and any digging is strictly prohibited.

§ 4 Parking
Cars have to be parked in the parking area, next to the campsite. Only if a car is being used to sleep in it is allowed to leave it parked on the campsite, with explicit consent from the organisation. All roads on the campsite are emergency routes and always need to remain free of any obstacles.

§ 5 Campsite food and drink outlet
A campsite food and drink outlet is available each day, where food and drinks can be purchased. Opening hours of the campsite food and drink outlet will be published on the campsite publication boards.

§ 6 Leaving the campsite, damages
Allocated campsite places must be left behind clean and tidy upon leaving. Users will be held responsible for any damages.

§ 7 Open fire and use of barbecue
Campfires and other open fires are prohibited. The use of a barbecue is allowed on dedicated locations on the hard surfaced part of the campsite only. The use of a barbecue on grass is prohibited. A fire extinguisher must be present on the barbecue location. Barbecues must be removed after use. The contents must have cooled down completely before being discarded of in a waste container.

§ 8 Pets
Pets (cats and dogs) are allowed on the campsite, but may not be of disturbance to other campsite guests. Droppings must be removed immediately. If necessary, dogs must be on a leash.

§ 9 Jamsessions
Jamsessions are allowed “unplugged” with acoustic instruments only, with a normal level of volume, between 08:00 and 01:00. Jamsessions can be ended by the organisation. Please respect other campsite guests and the inhabitants of Voorthuizen.

§ 10 Open podium
On the campsite an open podium is available with sound equipment with limited amplification. The open podium is available for anyone to perform. Performing on the open podium is possible after applying with the organisation locally. The organisation will be overseeing the open podium performances during opening hours. Opening hours will be published on the campsite publication boards.

§ 11 Night rest, quiet time
Night rest will be each night between 02:00 and 08.00. During this period the campsite needs to be quiet

§ 12 Use of electrical appliances
On the campsite a limited electrical supply is available. Electrical appliances like heaters, ovens, barbecues, etc may not be used. Exceptions are possible with explicit consent by the organisation upon arrival on the campsite. The power of the available electrical supply is limited. The use of appliances or a combination of appliances on one socket with a total use of more than 1.2 kWh is not allowed.

§ 13 Sanitary facilities and waste
All facilities can be used and shared upon availability among all visitors. After use, clean the facility for the next person to use. Waste must be discarded of properly. Paper, plastic and glass are collected seperately from other waste. In case a suitable waste container is not available for certain waste, it has to be taken to discard of properly elsewhere. The paper and glass containers can be found in the parking area next to the campsite. Emptying chemical toilets of trailers and caravans is prohibited.

§ 14 Safety and first aid
Sufficient free paths and roads will be created on the campsite. These free paths and roads are evacuation routes and also will be used by emergency services in case of an incident. All paths and roads always need to be kept free of obstacles. During the festival first aid and fire safety volunteers are always present. In case of an emergency (accident, sickness or unwell, fire, etc) the campsite volunteer always needs to be warned or the organisation emergency phone needs to be called. The emergency phone number can be found on the campsite publication boards. In case of a lifethreatening situation also immediately the national emergency number 112 needs to be called. First aid supplies, fire extinguishers and an AED are available on the campsite. A night security guard will be present from 23:00. In case of an emergency directions from the organisation, the campsite volunteers, the first aid and fire safety volunteers, the night security guard and the emergency services need to be followed immediately.

§ 15 Illegal drugs and substances
Possession and/or use of illegal drugs and substances is strictly prohibited.

§ 16 Applicable law
The festival campsite is being made available in cooperation by the board of Foundation EWOB Voorthuizen (the organisation of European Bluegrass Voorthuizen) and the board of Oranjevereniging Voorthuizen (the owner of the grounds of the festival campsite), under conditions granted by official permit from the local council of Barneveld. The organisation has the right to have visitors and guests removed from the campsite in case of violation of these rules, regulations and conditions or in case of general misbehaviour. In this case there will be no refund of paid admission.

§ 17 Responsibility of the organisation
The organisation can not be held responsible for any bodily harm and/or damage, suffered by visitors and volunteers of the festival. In case the campsite must be closed due to circumstances beyond reasonable control or technical failure, there is no right to a refund.

Voorthuizen/Barneveld, February 2019.

Due to the international character of the festival this text has been made available in English for practical use only. In case of any argument the original Dutch text applies